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6 yrs old, Special Needs (Letter from mother)

Being a working mother of 4 kids (1 of whom is a special need child) and staying with my late mother-in-law who was a cancer patient, I have many needs undoubtedly. Frequently, I am at a loss to what I can do for them other than praying. But God has been faithful in answering my prayers and providing for my family’s needs. Indeed, the Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.

Though we have heard about foot reflexology, we have not tried it before and never thought that it will be of much help to our health. 

In 2017, we came to know about natural therapy and foot reflexology from a close friend as she had been sending her daughter (also my god-daughter) who had undergone a liver transplantation for foot reflexology with Desmond.

She told us about the benefits of it and strongly recommended us to try it. Instantly, I thought of bringing my late mother-in-law as she was a cancer patient suffering from depression. But my husband suggested that we try it out first so that we could share our experience with her, and hopefully she would follow us.

When we first went to Desmond’s clinic in August 2017, we were very impressed by his beautifully decorated clinic and of course his accurate diagnosis. I remembered my husband commenting that Desmond’s diagnosis of his conditions is more accurate than his annual health screening and he could forgo his annual medical check-up going forward.
Soon, we started to take our children and my mother-in-law to Desmond’s clinic.

Although my mother-in-law refused to undergo the therapy, we were amazed that she was able to sit there calmly for a couple of hours, unlike her usual anxious self. My children, on the other hand, are willing to receive the therapy and even enjoy going to Uncle Desmond’s foot reflexology sessions. Going to Desmond’s clinic is like a family outing as we often book back-to-back sessions with him during school holidays. Over the years, my children have developed a great bonding with ‘Uncle Desmond’ and sometimes I feel that they treat him like their peer.

When my youngest child, Cheyenne, was 6 years old, she used to depend on TCM for treatment and maintenance due to her episodes of pneumonia and low immunity. However, after seeing Desmond regularly, we noticed that her immunity improved drastically and we stopped her regular TCM medication.

Sometimes, for minor ailment like diarrahea, I will just follow what Desmond has taught me by messaging her feet to ease her discomfort and the best part is, she gets well without any medication.

My younger boy, Cyril, had a serious outbreak of eczema in 2017. It was so bad that he had to give up playing tennis as he could not endure the unbearable itch on his legs, especially around his ankles. We are so thankful to God and Desmond that he got well after the sessions with him, and now his skin is as smooth as before the outbreak.

One thing that really touches my heart is that Desmond always prays for my little ones when they visit his clinic, especially Cheyenne. Desmond always tells us that God is the Great Healer and he is just the willing vessel doing what God wants him to do. Indeed, we thank God for such a willing, faithful and humble brother-in- Christ who allows God to use his gift to help others.

I constantly count my blessings. Desmond is one of the great blessings to me and my family and we thank God for him. To God be the glory!

Yours-in-Christ, Georgina

Cheyenne Testimony


(6岁), 唐氏综合症(母亲的书信)

我是一位有四个孩子的带职妈妈,其中一位是有特殊需要的孩 子。我们一家和患癌的已故家婆同住。可想而知,我背负重 担!我时常在想,除了祷告,我还能为一家做什么呢?感谢主!主垂听祷告、主也供应!真的、耶和华是我的牧者,我必不至缺乏。



她向我讲解足疗的疗效,极力鼓励我去试看。我本来想先带家婆去, 她患癌和沮丧。不过丈夫说我们先去,希望妈妈会随后跟来。

2017年8月,当我们一踏入沈弟兄的诊所,就为别致、美丽的诊所,和 精准的诊断所折服。记得我丈夫说,沈弟兄的诊断,比他的常年健康检查还 精准。他再也不去做常年健康检查了!

接着,我们带了女儿和妈妈去就诊。虽然妈妈不肯接受治疗,但是却 可以出奇的静坐几个小时,不像平时那样易於烦躁。另一方面,孩子们不只 乐意的接受足疗,甚至还喜欢上足疗。每一次上沈弟兄的诊所,像家庭出 游;特别是学校假期期间,更是一家轮流足疗。这些年来,孩子们和沈弟兄 建立了像同龄、同伙那样的深厚感情。

当我的幼女Cheyenne 6岁时,她得靠传统疗法来治肺炎和底抵抗力。

在沈弟兄的治疗下,我们发现她的抵抗力戏剧性的加强了,也就停止了传统 治疗的药物。

有时,如腹泻这种小问题,我就遵照沈弟兄所教的足疗,孩子就舒服 了、不药而愈。

我的小儿子Cyril,在2017年患上严重的传染性湿疹。他受不了那特别 是关节部位的痕痒,而放弃打网球。感谢沈弟兄,经过几次的治疗,他的皮 肤就完好如初。

令我最温心的是,每一次到诊所,沈弟兄就会为我的孩子们祷告,特 别是Cheyenne。他总是说神才是那伟大的医治者,他只不过是神的器皿, 在做神要他做的。我们感谢神,有这么一位主内弟兄,愿意摆上、忠心服 事、谦卑的把从神而来的恩赐,用以帮助大家。

我不住的数算恩典。沈弟兄带给我们一家极大的祝福,我们为他而感 谢神!

荣耀归给神! Georgina

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