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Desmond Sim and his mother’s Reflex Therapy​

Desmond Sim and his mother’s Reflex Therapy

89 yrs old, Nasopharyngeal Cancer, 40 years since recovery

I was born in a low-income family of more than ten family members, staying in a 3-room flat. My family never had extra money, but my parents never allow any of their children to go hungry. Life was healthy and happy. The love and teaching of my parents impacted and benefited my life.

When I was in primary 3, I would carry my heavy school bags to the hawker centre daily after school to help my parents sell Laksa, Mee Siam, and Zi Char.

Shortly after completing my secondary school studies, I was accepted by the top designing college, currently known as Temasek Polytechnic. Unfortunately, my mother suddenly fell severely ill, and I am therefore unable to pursue a full- time study due to the family’s compromised financial situation. I had to work as a construction worker and did my study part-time. I finally completed my study in 3 years and received my professional diploma (year 1981 to 1983)

My mother was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.
In 1980, my mother was diagnosed with Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma and many other illnesses, including womens’ disease. Western doctor strived their best to treat her with multiple radiotherapy treatments. Due to medical science and medicine’s limitations back then, the doctor finally announced that her disease left her with the most, one year of life span.

We discontinued our hawker business due to mother’s health condition, and everyone in the family was very worried about her health condition. During that period, my younger sister and I were staying with my parents. My other siblings were all married and had their own family.

Family of Traditional Chinese Medicine
At the age of seventeen, I was a devout believer of many religions except Christianity. Being very concerned about my mom’s illness, I went to many places to worship and participate in many religious rituals to pray blessings for her. I was hopeful that, through the power of gods, she could be healed. Simultaneously, as I am from a TCM practitioners’ family, I also began learning traditional Chinese medicine. Many of my great uncles, grandfather, my 2nd elder brother was all trained TCM practitioners.

I am only 18 years old when I practice Reflex-therapy on my mother twice a day
In 1982, my 2nd elder brother (who later became a TCM practitioner) was employed by the Ministry of Education as their Head of Physical Education after returning upon completion of his overseas studies. He brought along with him the Foot Reflex-Therapy treatment method, commonly known as Foot Reflexology which was then not known to many in Asia. I earnestly learned the skill of foot reflexology from him and also self-studied on relevant topics such as Traditional Chinese medicine, Traditional Medicine, and especially Naturopathy.

Besides performing what I have learned in reflexology twice daily on my mother, massaging her body, hands, and legs, I desperately applied all the skills and knowledge I managed to acquire on her.

However, whenever I performed reflexology treatment on my mother, I could feel her two major physical and mental pain…

Unwilling to see my mother suffers, I tried all I could

  1. My poor mother was bruised from my eager massage treatment on her. Her shoe size increased from size 6 to 8 from my persistent reflexology treatment. You can imagine her pain.
  2. When my mom knew of her possible shortened life span, she deliberately kept a distance from her husband (my father) as she did not wish to see him suffer if she was to leave. Many years later, after her recovery, she disclosed to me her reason for being so difficult towards my father then. Most importantly, she dreaded the fact and pain that she might have to leave her beloved children if she was to die.

My mother stayed with me then, as my 2nd elder brother was very busy due to his role as a civil servant. I naturally became the primary caregiver, performing hour- long foot reflexology treatments on her daily. My intense massage treatment on her went on for about nine months.

Learn now, use immediately
During the reflexology sessions, I would apply whatever I had just learned on my mother, regardless of its origin, from whichever denominations or clan. I was determined to give my all to make my mom healthy again. I stood firm to this famous saying: “It doesn’t matter if it’s a black or white cat, as long as it catches a mouse, it is a good cat!” I was determined to treat my mother and make her well.

Improved symptoms with good response
My mother was expected to experience some side effects after each radiotherapy; however, she displayed positive responses after each of the reflexology treatment I performed on her:

  • Reduction of the soreness and dryness to her face and neck. The symptoms of dryness of the mouth are all reduced, and she could even have saliva production.
  • The feeling of nausea was reduced
  • Appetite improved greatly
  • Severe constipation improved
  • Hair loss reduced
  • Sleep pattern improved
  • Strength and warmth returned to her original weak, cold hands and feet
  • Normal bodily perspiration was resumed
  • Pain to the waist and back significantly reduced
  • Numbness on hands and legs was gone
  • Mood and energy level improved
  • Weight increased by 8 kg within two months

Strive to learn different health knowledge
These daily improvements to my mom’s health gave me great motivation. It prompted me to excel further by learning more and more different health care knowledge.

I was only 18 years old then, serving in the Police Special Taskforce for my national service. Besides attending training and classes, I was only requested to stand by for emergencies, which allows me more free time on hand.

My supervisor from the unit I was serving put great emphasis on education. As such, I was granted approval to study a part-time night class diploma in interior design. I also paid frequent visits to the national library to borrow books on medical science for self-enrichment (due to my family’s compromised financial condition).

Every time I came home from national service, treating my mother’s body, hands, and legs for her wellness became a massive project for me, awaiting my exploration and research. The remarkable improvement in my mother’s health boosted my confidence in applying all the health knowledge I acquired daily to her. So, day after day, along with a healthy diet, I diligently massage, apply finger pressure, and Tui-Na on my mother.

After nine months, my mother fully recovers from cancer.
After nine months, the doctor in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) did a thorough check-up for my mother. He was surprised to inform us that
my mother was fully recovered from cancer!

My mom’s complete recovery caused quite a commotion in the hospital. Many doctors and medical personnel visited our home to find out how my 2nd elder brother and I treated my mother with reflexology (it was unheard of in Singapore back then). Even the doctors in KK Women Hospital responded in disbelief as my mother also recovered from her many years of women’s disease. As a result, we also had frequent visits from many doctors and medical personnel who hope to understand more.

With positive word of mouth recommendations, patients flock in
During that period, besides the daily maintenance therapy on my mom, I was also attending to 15 visitors on average daily for reflex-therapy. Many of them had their health improved, and many more were healed ‘miraculously”. Through word-of- mouth, many more came to seek my help. If you ask for Mr. Sim from Aljunied, Circuit Road, block 61, everyone in the area will point you to 5th story number 233. This resulted in patients having to wait from a few months to a year for an appointment. I could only take a break on Chinese New Year eve and 1st day of Chinese New Year. I started to observe that the appointment queue was too long during average days, and a majority of these visitors were seriously ill. I began setting guidelines to give priority to patients with a more severe complicated health condition. The patients I attended to are from all walks of life, ranging from civilians, businessmen, professionals, and even government officials!

In 1983, I was transferred from the Police Special Task Force ( PTF ) to the police station, where I was arranged to serve under Criminal Investigation Department till I completed my service term from 1981 to 1984. (1984-1986 as Police Volunteer Special Constable-rely, VSC ). My time with the police department allows me a more flexible schedule, so I was able to help my mother with reflex-therapy. With the testimony of my mom’s full recovery, it drew continual flow of patients to my clinic, and my therapy business prospered.

Started Cypress Therapy Centre
In 1984, with the recovery of my mother’s health and the long waiting list of patients, I was finally unable to cope. My two elder brothers gave up their jobs to join me. I conducted intensive training for them, and shortly after, we started Cypress Therapy Centre ( Sim Bros )

In 1985, I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at Chongqing Chinese Medicine College; in the same year, together with my brothers, we attended a ten-day customized course in Taiwan by RWO-SHR Health Institute International (Taiwan HQ).

From 1986 to 1987, my mother’s health continues to grow strong, and my healthcare business stabilized.

From 1988 to 1994, I entered the entertainment circle as an actor, but I left my actor’s job on and off thrice due to my busy healthcare business and other businesses. Still staying with me, my mom continues with routine health check-ups in the hospital after her recovery, and I continue my therapy for her unceasingly.

Leave the entertainment circle, focusing on developing business locally and overseas.
In 1994, I decided to leave the entertainment circle, focusing on developing my diversified business locally and overseas in property, food & beverages, trading, entertainment, and healthcare.

Due to differing ideas and values with my brothers in healthcare, I withdrew from our partnership and set up my own healthcare business, Eagle’s Therapy Management & Consultancy (since 1982), with three departments: Healthcare Therapy – Reflex-Therapy, Education & Training, and Community services.

In 1994, I attended Instructor Course (A94001) at RWO-SHR Health Institute International HQ and became the 1st Lecture instructor internationally, being awarded a diploma.

In 1994, I continued my quest to attend courses in China Traditional Martial Arts Injury Association. I became a permanent member and President of the branch in Singapore.

From 1995 to 1996, I continue with daily health treatment for my mother with reflex-therapy and health diet treatment.

Invited to give a speech entitled “My Aspiration.”
In 1997, I brought along my mother to attend a renowned Naturopathy research seminar conducted by RWO-SHR Health Institute International. Representatives from 45 countries participated in this 3-day research seminar. Those invited were specialists from TCM and western medicine, naturopathy and dietetics experts, scientists from different fields, including officials from WHO, etc. I was honoured to be invited to give a speech entitled “My Aspiration.”

Accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour in 2001
I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour in 2001. I then profoundly appreciate Jesus Christ’s salvation on the cross. His blood was shed on the cross to forgive, redeem, save, and provides a renewing power for all the people in the world.

Lord Jesus Christ is a Lord who grants life and the source of our soul and love. He is also the source of healing, the Lord who heals.

May all Glory be to our Almighty God!
“Thanks be to God for His mercy grace, and gift of Naturopathy- Reflex-Therapy in addition to the advancement of Western medicine treatment and professionals, which enable my mother to live healthily till this day. She is now 88 years old. Hallelujah!”

Thanks and praise be to our Lord, glory to our loving Abba Father in the highest. Amen.

The Lord’s humble servant,
Desmond Shen
14 December 2020

沈金兴和母亲, 陈秀英女士的 反射理疗

(88岁), 鼻咽癌病患者,康复至今40年

我是从一个贫穷的 家庭长大,一家 大小十多口,就挤在二房一厅的政府组屋。家里从来没有多 余的銭,但是父母亲也从来不 曾让任何的一个孩子餓过,生 活过得很健康很幸福。父母亲 的慈爱与教导,确实影响了我 的一生,更叫我受惠一辈子。

小学三年级开始,我就 背着沉甸甸的书包,到小贩中心去帮忙父母当小贩,卖叻沙、卖米暹;后来 转卖煮炒。

中学刚毕业,我被新加坡顶尖的设计学院录取,也就是现在的淡马鍚 理工学院。很不幸的,母亲突然患上了重病,家里顿时陷入经济困境,因 此,我只能去当建筑工人,半工半读,三年后终于考取室内设计的专业文凭 (1981年-1983年)。

1980年,母亲被诊断患上鼻咽癌,并且还有其他许多的病症,包括妇 女病症等。西医很努力的为她治疗,其中也做了许多次的放射性治疗等,或 许是因为当时的医学医药没有现在发达,医生最终宣布她僅多只有一年的寿 命。

因为母亲的病重,我们也结束了小贩的生意.一家大小非常担忧母亲的 病症,而当时住在家里的成员就只有父母亲、妹妹和我,其他兄长、姐姐们 都娶嫁出去了。

当时年约17岁的我,笃信许多的宗教信仰(唯独不信基督教)。因为 掛忧母亲的重病,我到处的去膜拜,并且参与许多不同宗教信仰的祭祀活 动,为母亲祈福,希望母亲的病症可以透过“神力”而得以医治;同时也开 始去学习中医中药。因为家族无论是叔伯、舅公、公公、二哥等,都是中医 师,因此我也算得上是“中医世家”。

年仅18岁的我,每天两次为母亲做“白老鼠“ 反射理疗
1982年,二哥(后来成为中医师)国外深造回国,受聘新加坡教育部 担任学校的体育主任。他更把当时在亚洲没多少人知道的“足疗法”,给 带回家,即俗称“脚底按摩”。我很努力的向他学习“足疗法”,并积极的 自修许多有关的医学书籍。无论是中医、传统医学、营养学,尤其是自然医 学。

我每天两次,除了不间断的为母亲做反射足疗以外,我将所学的,都 用在母亲的身上。我更用尽各个方法,为母亲做反射理疗。我按摩、指压、 推拿母亲的身体、手和脚。事故至今,依旧深记。每一次为做母亲理疗按摩 时,能深深的感受到母亲的身心灵里,有着两大痛。。。


  1. 由于当时对足疗法和其他的按摩、指压、推拿的手法,都仍在学习 中,难免有时会錯误处理。因为不舍母亲的病痛,我还是用尽方法、全力以 赴的为母亲做理疗。可怜的母亲最终除了全身被我按压推拿到”乌青淤血” 不说,我更是把她的脚,从原本只穿6号的鞋子,按到她竟然要穿8号鞋子, 你们说她痛不痛?
  2. 当时她因为身患重病,知道自己将不久于人世,可是她却对她丈夫 (我的父亲)非常的冷淡,许多时候甚至还无理取闹。因为她不希望丈夫为 她掛痛(这还是她康复后多年才告诉我的);另外更重要的是,她心灵深处 的痛,因为她舍不得,更是放不下我们这一群孩子。

由于二哥是合约公务员,工作非常忙录,而母亲是和我一起同住,因 此许多时候都是我为母亲做反射理疗。

我每天两次非常用心的,从45分钟到1个半小时不等,整整的九个月,从不间断的,以母亲为“白老鼠”,为她 施行实验性的反射理疗。

无论是中医或者是传统医学、是营 养学仰或自然医学;不管你是那帮那派、 各招各式;更不理你是哪路神仙、哪路鬼 神;我就是立刻学、立刻使用。我用尽各 个方法,使出全力,当时总是告诉自己一 句话:管它是黑猫还是白猫,会捉老鼠的 猫,就是好猫!因为当时心里就有一个目 标,母亲的病一定要好起来。

每一次同母亲做理疗,母亲都有许多良好的反应,比如,因为放射性 治疗所带给的许多副作用:

  • 脸部、颈部干燥烫热、唇裂舌干,火热撕裂等都较减退、也较有唾液 (口水)了。
  • 呕吐感缓解了许多;
  • 食欲不振的情况大有进步;
  • 严重的便秘更是大有改善;
  • 头发的脱落减少了;
  • 病痛所带来的失眠,也因为反射理疗与食疗,都有着良好的睡眠了;
  • 冰冷的手脚也变得温热有力了、
  • 身体更是容易排汗、
  • 腰酸背痛也减轻了;
  • 手脚也不麻痺了、
  • 心情也很好、精神更是奕奕、
  • 在短短的一个月内,母亲的体重增加了8公斤。

母亲一天一天的康健起来,对我有无比的推动力,并且大大的催促着 我更努力的去学习不同的保健医学知识。

当时我18岁,正在国民服役隶属特遣部队,在部队里除了训练与上课 外,其余大部分的时间是在等待突发事件的到来,因此有许多空闲的时间。

部队里的上司很重视教育,因此我被批准 到新加坡教育部认证,夜间部分时间的室内 设计专业文凭班上课;我更经常到国家图 书馆去借了许多的医学书籍自修(因为家 里经济条件不好)。

每当服役完一回家,我对着母亲的 身体、手脚,彷佛是有着巨大的工程在等 着我去发掘、开拓、探索和建设。因为母 亲的身体大有改善,使我信心大增。当天所 学的知识,都马上用在母亲的身上。我更努力 的为母亲按摩、指压与推拿,并且配合健康饮食等。

九个月后,新加坡中央医院 SGH 的医生为我母亲做很详细的检查。医 生很惊讶的告诉我们,母亲的癌症完全康复了!

当时,在医院里还掀起了一阵小轰动。不少医生及医护人员,来到我 同母亲的住家,想看看我和二哥是怎么为母亲做反射理疗(因为当时在新 加坡几乎没有听过“足疗”这回事)。不单如此,就连竹脚妇科医院KK Women Hospital,也因为母亲多年的妇女病疾也完全康复了,这对他们是 很不可思议的一件事!同样的,有不少的竹脚医院的医生及医护人员,也到 我们家,想要看个究竟。

因此,当时的我,除了每天仍然不间断的为母亲做理疗外,我平均每 天还需要为大约15个上门的到访者做反射理疗。

因为许多的到访者的健康都有着非常良好的进步,并且有许多还是“ 神迹般”的康复了。也因为如此的口碑相传、许多人都慕名蜂拥而来。因此 在当时在阿裕尼十楼,大牌61只要一问 Mr. Sim,人人都会告诉你5楼门牌 233。这更叫当时病人预约的等候时间,从几个月到一年不等。而当时,我 永远不会忘记的,我只有大年除夕及大年初一才有得休息,其他时日预约的 人龙是满满的。而这些上门到访者,绝大部分都是严重的病患。因此后来我 设定除非是“奇难杂症”,否则就慢慢等照着次序安排。而到访的病人,可 以从平民百姓、商企业、专业人士、到政府官方“大人物”等的各路人马!

1983年,我从原来的特遣部队被转换去警察局值班,后来更是被安排在刑事侦查组至到我退役,跟着加入部分时间特警部队,总共在警界服务约 6年。因为,当时在警界部门的时间分配很自由也很轻松,我有许多时间为 母亲做理疗,母亲身体的健康也已彻底的康复了,这更使得到访的病人们络 绎不绝,滔滔不断,可说真是门庭若市!

1984年,母亲的康复,再加上太多的病人在等候,实在无法应付了, 因此两位哥哥也放弃他们原有的工作,我开始很密集的训练他们。不久后我 们就成立松柏健康之家(沈兄弟)。

1985年,兄弟们一起到国际若石健康研究会(台湾总会)参加为我们 特别设计十天的课程 – 特专训。

1986年 – 1987年,母亲依旧非常健壮,保健业务稳健增长。

1988年 – 1994年,我进入娱乐圈当演员,但由于自己保健与其他业务 的忙碌,因此也断断续续的离开电视台。由于母亲是和我一起居住,虽然她 身体已康复,并且每年都会到医院做例常的复诊,但是我仍旧没有停止的为 她做保健。

1994年毅然离开娱乐圈,马不停蹄的全心投入海内外多元的企业:房 地产、饮食业、贸易、娱乐与保健业。

保健的业务,因为与兄长的理念观念和价值观完全不同,我另组公 司,设立三大部门:保健理疗、教育培训、服务社会。

1994年,我到国际若石健康总会进修 – 师资研修课程(A94001),即 获得1994年全世界第一位考获师资文凭的学生。

1994年,我马不停蹄的到 – 中国传统国术损伤学会上课,后来成为永 久会员,也受聘为新加坡会长。

1995年 – 1996年,我依然没有停止的为母亲做反射理疗,饮食保健等 護理。

发表演讲:主题 – 心愿
1997年,带着母亲出席国际自然疗法学术研讨会。主办单位为 – 国际 若石健康研究会。三天的研讨会,约有45个国家代表。受邀出席者为中西医 学界的专家、自然医学专家、营养学家、许多不同领域的科学家、包括联合 国世界卫生组织的官员代表等。

我很有幸的受邀出席,并且发表演讲。我的主题为: 心愿

我是在2001年决志信主,接 受耶稣基督为我个人的救主。我 这才深深的领受到,主耶稣基督 十字架的救赎,十字架的宝血对 世人是有:赦罪、救赎、拯救、 使一切都更新的大能。

主耶稣基督,更是: 赐生命 – 灵的源头、赐生命 – 爱的源头;因此,主耶稣基督是医治的源头,更是医治的主。

感谢主的怜悯与施恩,因为有祢所赐予的自然疗法 – 反射理疗;再加 上配合西医先进的治疗与专业的医护人员,才得以叫我母亲健壯至今。


主仆 沈金兴
14 October 2020

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