Our Story

History and Commitments


The founder, Desmond Sim’s mother was diagnosed with terminal stage nose cancer and other serious illnesses.


Desmond has always been a firm advocate in Natural Therapy and by God’s grace, he started practicing Reflex-Therapy to support his terminally ill mother. Using the Natural Healing Methods—Reflex-Therapy: [ Feet, Hands, Reciprocal, Human Body, Face, Ears, Nose ] and Acupressure, combined with Holistic Nutrition, Desmond Sim successfully healed his mother.


The news of his mother’s recovery spread, and patients started pouring in overwhelmingly, seeking Desmond’s help through Reflex-Therapy. By restoring many patients’ health, the numbers of people seeking his Reflex-Therapy support continue to escalate.


Sensing the mounting urgent and desperate cry for health from his patients, Desmond decided to train his brothers in Reflex-Therapy, and together, they established Cypress Therapy Centre (Sim Brothers) – Singapore.


Desmond moved on to further his research in Nature Therapy and established his own company and clinic – Eagle’s Therapy Management & Consultancy-International.

Since 2001

With extensive experience and continual research in the field of Natural Therapy, Desmond formulated a new way of examining one’s physical health without painful side effects. Desmond calls it “Painless Analysis.” (无痛诊断).

Desmond generously shared his knowledge with the public via seminars, health talks, and charity events locally and overseas.

Marrying his wife Dr. Kay Tse, an experienced Naturopath Health Educator and Nutritionist, who shares his vision. Desmond, together with Kay Tse, moved their clinic a step forward into the Naturopathic realm, imparting holistic self-awareness of the body, soul, and spirit so that many can achieve a longer and healthier life.

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