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Prof. Manami

48 yrs old, Japanese, Collagen Disease and Stress

Dear Desmond,
I feel grateful after a session with Desmond, as if I have been put under a magician’s magical spell.

His consultation room which he cleans every morning, has the wonderful smell of his specially blended herbal tea and makes me relaxed and calm as I enter the room. Moreover, his smile and sense of humor make me feel blessed to be there with him. I believe all his patients must feel the same way as me, we are all attracted by his charm and his healing powers.

This is all thanks to Desmond’s obvious love and care for all his patients, he always does his best to share his knowledge and lead us to a better life.

I have personally witnessed miracles where terminally ill patients actually recovered. I myself have been suffering from an immune system disorder called Collagen Disease. Western Medicine had been unable to cure me.

However, in the 3 years since I met Desmond, I have been able to live more normally. Though I still sometimes have bad days with my illness Desmond has taught me how to deal with it much better. I can honestly say that I have been mentally happier and now feel much more positive about myself.

The words and wisdom which Desmond has given me have helped me believe in myself and given me the power to live.

For example, I had been suffering from mucinous tumors, which are caused by the medicine I have been taking for my condition. But I am convinced that those tumors, which are already much improved, will now eventually disappear with help from Desmond.

My daughter is also Desmond’s patient and she is also much recovered, after having long suffered from irregular periods.

Our Desmond, please keep by our side and help us to continue to fight against our illnesses.

May all his patients get healed, both physically and spiritually by his love and care.

With sincere gratitude,
Manami Hasegawa








譬如我因病症所服用的药,导致mucinous tumors(黏液性肿瘤)。但 是我深信这会日渐好转,肿瘤最终会因着金兴的帮助而逐渐消失。




Manami Hasegawa

Prof Manami Testimony


(48岁,日本籍), 肌健僵化与精神压力

Dear Desmond,
いつもデスモンドのセラピーを終える と魔法にかかったように幸せな気分に なります。
彼が毎朝綺麗に掃除をして素敵に飾っ た空間はとても気持ちが良く、暖かい ハーブティーと彼の笑顔とユーモア溢 れるトークに癒されます。 この心地良いデスモンドワールドで彼 のリフレクセラピーを受けると不思議 と優しい気持ちになれ自分だけでなく そこに居る皆が健康になり 幸せになれるよう祈ってしまいます。
それはきっとデスモンドが全ての患者に分け隔てなく全身全霊で愛を持っ て治療をし豊富な知識を与えてくれるからだと思います。 私は今までここで末期癌の患者や重病の人達が回復していく奇跡を何度も 見てきました。
私自身は膠原病の免疫疾患の病気で西洋医学では治らないと言われていま す。しかしこの3年間デスモンドのおかげで症状はあっても元気に生活し ています。少なくとも”気”は病んでいません。デスモンドに大丈夫と言 われると本当に大丈夫と思えるのです。
免疫抑制剤を飲んでいる為か新たに膵臓に癌化しやすい粘液性腫瘍ができ てしまったけれどデスモンドを信じ希望を持ち続ければきっと この腫瘍も消えると思っています。
私の娘もデスモンドのリフレクセラピーで生理不順を治してもらいまし た。
私達家族が大好きなデスモンド どうぞこれからも病と闘う私達に寄り添 って下さい。
あなた自身が幸せであなたの患者全てが心身ともに癒されますようお祈り しています。


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