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满心感谢父神的怜悯、施恩,叫我与心爱的太太铠锶,在艰苦漫长的岁月里,相互学习父神智慧的教导 – 自然医学。这不知不觉也已有一甲子年了(60年)。




自然疗法的首要理念就是 – 爱


  • 使用大自然的规律产生和谐与共呜;
  • 並且运用蕴藏在“自然界”的频率与节奏相互配合;
  • 从而达至身、心、灵健康的最终医治目标。 

我们不是西医,也不是中医。我们只是在自然医学 – 自然疗法的领域里,默默耕耘数十年,上帝不配的仆人。






I am very grateful to God the Father for his mercy and kindness, who allow me and my beloved wife Kay Tse to learn a wealth of natural medicine wisdom gifted by God for 60 hard and long years.

I thank and praise the Lord for calling us to be entirely consistent in our ideals, goals, and sense of mission with our Christian faith and natural medicine.

Especially in the past 18 years with Kay Tse, I have gained many great insights into holistic nutrition in natural medicine.

My wife and I will study and serve more humbly and strive to live out the Lord’s teachings so that we can share with many what our loving Father God has arranged for humankind since the creation of the world – “The Way of Health”!

The fundamental concept of Natural Therapy is – LOVE

We employ natural methods to deal with the fundamentals of diseases and symptoms and achieve healing results through holistic health care:-

  • It applies the laws of nature to bring about harmony and resonance;
  • enabling the coordination of frequency and rhythm contained within nature; 
  • so as to achieve the ultimate healing goal of physical, mental, and spiritual health.

We are neither a Western doctor nor Chinese physician, but merely an unworthy servant of God whom have been working unanimously for decades in my practice of  Natural Medicine – Naturopathy.

In the years of my practice, the major principles I firmly adhere to is :
Achieving God’s healing through a primary focus on health care and cooperation with the western medical system as the priority criteria.
I prayerfully wish that we can make the best of the life that God has given us – a life journey that conforms to God’s timing. Do our best to maintain health, enjoy and cherish life, to live a beautiful, healthy lifestyle. Also, strive to be a good servant of God for the glory and will of God the Father to manifest!
Be blessed, and may the Lord’s grace be with you.
Servants of God
Desmond and Kay Tse
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