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Mr. Desmond Sim 沈金兴

Eagle’s Therapy Management and Consultancy ( Since 1982 )
Founder / Principal Consultant / Natural Health Educator / Consultant Therapist
创办人 / 自然疗法 – 反射理疗:执业导师 / 顾问


Desmond started his research in Natural Medicine – Reflex-Therapy to help his mother recover from Nasopharyngeal cancer. It has been 40 years since her full recovery. She is currently 90 years old and still glowing with health.

因为母亲患末期鼻咽癌,鉆研自然医学 – 反射理疗 40 年,母亲完全康复至今已 90 岁


In-depth research on Reflex-Therapy, pursuing Anthropology, Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), Traditional Medicine, Nutrition, etc.; established several health clinics to train countless students.



International Institute Of Row-Shr Health – Special Training / Permeant Member.

国际若石健康研究会 – 特专训,永久会员


Pursued his studies in Chong Ging Chinese Physicians Centre (Singapore), Dean – Mr Luo Rongji.

修读重庆中医院 (新加坡),院长-罗荣基老师


In-depth research in Natural Medicine – Multiple Reflex-Therapy.

深入学习与钻研,自然疗法 – 多项反射理疗法.


International Institute Of Row-Shr Health – Conduct Lecturer (certificate no. A94001).

国际若石健康研究会 – 师资研修课程,编号: A94001.


China Traditional Martial Arts Recovery Association – Permanent member, President (Singapore).

中国传统国术损伤整复学会 – 永久会员,受聘为 – 新加坡会长.

1995 till today

Invited by various social organizations, schools, community clubs to lecture on Reflex-Therapy; Media interviews with over 40 countries on Reflex-Therapy; Invited by international authority health therapy organization, academic exchanges / speakers / consultants.

年至今 – 受邀新加坡许多社会团体、学校、联络所等演讲与授课 ;並且接受海内外 40 多国,媒体访问-足部养生法,受邀,国际权威自 然健康疗法组织,学术性交流 / 演讲嘉宾 / 顾问.


Author of 《ALIVE》- Top 10 Popular Readers’ Choice.

著书《活路》,同年,荣获 2016 年 – 新加坡书展十大好书奖.


Together with wife, Kay Tse, Authored book 《Living a LIFE》

和太太铠锶老师,携手著书 – 《生活》


Istana Dusun Green, Malaysia – Associate Honorary Member

马来西亚吉兰丹 – 荣誉皇室成员

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